Features That Set Us Apart

Along with an incredibly intuitive design, we have several other features that set us apart from the competition.

1. Looks great on any device, any browser, any system!


Built with mobile-first responsive design, our web application looks great on any device, any browser, and system!  In the near future, we have the intention to be the first fire records management solution to offer everything in our web application in corresponding iPhone and Android apps.

2. Customization everywhere!

Every module has custom fields that you control right there on the page!  

We have custom fields on every module. Track anything you want to, how you want.

Click here to find out more about our custom fields.

3. Open API


We are the first fire records management solution to offer a complete, documented open REST api.  Through our secure REST api, you can access data from this system and integrate that with other systems, your department website, custom mobile apps, etc. 

It's your data, you should have access to it!

4. Hosted or Onsite


Our hosted applications are running securely on the Amazon Cloud, the undisputed leader in cloud computing.  Access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection, let us worry about software and server updates, backups, etc.

We can also install RescueSpark on your server(s), whether that is onsite at your department or at your chosen host.