A refreshing take on pricing and transparency...

RescueSpark is unique in that we can offer it as a service which is hosted for you (charged monthly or yearly) or we can install the software on your server (one time purchase and yearly maintenance). 

We don't charge per number of stations, the number of users, or the modules of our software you use... one price and you get access to everything we have to offer.  

Cloud Hosted:

Base Amount: $150/mo which includes the first 500 calls/yr.  Additional call volume can be purchased in blocks of 100/yr. Each additional block is $150/yr, and the number of blocks needed are determined annually based on last year's call volume, then divided by 12 for a monthly average.

Example: A fire department runs 680 calls last year.  They would require an additional 180 calls over the base amount, which means 2 additional blocks @ $150/block for the year.

You can use our online calculator by clicking here.  That will allow you to enter your annual number of NFIRS reports and determine the monthly/annual cost.


We are still determining our pricing structure for having the application installed on your server.  Contact us at sales@rescuespark.com for a custom quote.