Documenting The Journey

Here we are, 35 days until FDIC, the largest fire conference in the world. I have 100 square feet of space at this massive conference to get my product in front of a potential 37,000 attendees. It was a big step, probably even a bold step, to secure that booth. It put the line in the sand as to when the product was going live.

I'm super excited to make the trip to Indianapolis for the conference, as it's really the culmination of many years of work. Ridiculously early mornings, nights, weekends... at this point I wouldn't even want to count the number of hours that has poured into this project. Hopefully the product shows just how much time and care has gone into creating it and hopefully I can demo the software in a way that conveys that this is a software product created by a firefighter, for firefighters, and that getting it out to departments is just the first step in its evolution.

I have big plans for the product, but they all start with an iterative process with fire departments to make sure it's a solution that addresses their needs, and takes the pain out of fire records management. In the fire industry, records management and reporting is probably the driest part of the job, but if for some reason you want to take a glimpse into the life of a 38 year old husband and father of three that is bootstrapping a software product, welcome and stay tuned!

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