Back from FDIC, what a trip!

It's Monday, and we are back online after taking Sunday off to be with family. FDIC was an amazing experience. It was just massive in scale, hard to even convey to someone that hasn't been there before. Laura and I were representing with our 10x10 space in amongst the larger exhibits, many spanning thousands of square feet, yet we still had a ton of traffic. We had everything from departments running 200 calls/yr to departments with 13 stations running over 34,000 calls per year, and everything in between.

We are following up on many great leads, and are thankful for all the feedback we received at the show. We had several departments seek us out, specifically looking for our booth, which was pretty awesome! It's a great feeling to work on a project for so long and to hear affirmation from departments that this software is what they need and we are heading in the right direction. We even had a couple contacts looking to acquire technology businesses for their portfolios, which was totally unexpected, but felt great to know they saw the value and potential in what we are building.

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